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Door Veldt

The Mushroombiome is a biome available at the 7th district.

The Veldt Biome is recognized by its Autumn leaf like door. This biome is dangerous for melee characters but is the best place to go if you are a spellcaster. The reason for this is because all the mobs in the Veldt will drop cloth, meaning you can farm large amounts of it without any hassle. The Veldt also holds a large amount of goldium letting you easily get goldium cloth armour as a caster.



  • Large groups of Shroom Mages that make launching attacks while dodging bolts hard.
  • Jellyfish which have large health, fly, have a large magic attack and are very hard for melee to kill


  • Cloth: All enemies drop Monster Pelts
  • Goldium: Large amounts of Goldium ore
  • Jellyfish drop a sword that reduces your health by 2 but has 100 damage
  • hide: Most enemies drop Monster Hide
Veldt Monsters
Sheep - Jumping Shroom - Shroom Soldier - Shroom Mage - Jellyfish