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The Scourge Lair

The Scourge Lair is a biome containing an ore exclusively found there (Crystalite Fragments), several new enemies, including the Scourge Wall (the boss) and no exit. The only way to leave the Lair is by defeating the Scourge Wall. The Lair is always District 20, though the door to it is disguised as any of the other doors. Once you have entered the town in District 20, the door to leave will be purple. Be sure to make all possible gear for the fight against the Scourge Wall and the Scourge Lair, because it is the most difficult thing until that point. The only enemy that will likely damage you other than the Wall are Scourge Worms that come up from the ground with no visible warning. They deal 6 direct damage and rain purple fire (similar to the Tyrannox). More enemies include Ghouls that charge and deal 8 damage, and Scourge Heads that fire small projectiles (similar to Jellyfish of the Veldt)


Scourge Lair Monsters
Scourge Wall - Ghoul - Scourge Worm - Scourge Head