Swamp biome

The Swamp Biome is a biome available after the 1st district.

The Swamp Biome can be very difficult if the player tries to rush through it. Swamps contain purple flowers that shoot bubbles straight up which deal one point of damage.

When you visit this biome, you have 20% chance to unlock Tiki hat.

Advantages Edit

  • Easy if you are a Mage or a Archer
  • There is no boss
  • Easy to get leveled up

    A door to a swamp.

Disadvantages Edit

Neutral Edit

  • Slug-0

    A Slug

Slug Like a Pig, he drops meat, monster pelt, bone and hide

Enemies Edit

Tiki Warrior Edit


A Tiki Mage (Left) and a Tiki Clubsmen (Right)

His range of view is like a green spider (Short), when you come close, he start to rush towards you. Deal 2 damage

Tiki Mage Edit

Like a Shizard, he won't move and shoot blue ball in your direction, each ball have 2 damage.

He appears in groups of 2~4

100px-2014-06-18 00001

The mimic

Mimic Edit

Like a normal chest, if you come close, he will engage. On touch, deal 3 damage, The diference of a normal and a mimic is a "tongue" close from de lock.

Rock Crab Edit

Like a normal rock of Ironite, he comports equal to a Mimic, deals 2 Damage on touch


A Rock Crab