Summon Zombie (Staff)Edit

Summon Zombie (Staff)
Zombie Staff
Type: Staves
Made From: Golden Chests or Scourgeling Races
Price N/A
Summon Zombie (Staff)

HP+ 0 ATK+ 0
DEX+ 0 MAG+ 0 Durability: 50

The Summon Zombie (Staff) is a mana-consuming weapon that summons zombies. The zombies run the way you were facing when you summoned them, and if they hit an enemy they deal 5 damage. They do not jump, and bounce off of walls.

It doesn't lose durability when spawning zombies.


  • An effective strategy is to "sandwich" an enemy by putting two zombies on opposite sides of it. They will hold the enemy in place until one of the zombies despawns, or the enemy dies.
  • Another effective strategy is when fighting the Scourge Wall. If you continuously spawn zombies directed at the wall, while they all build up, dealing massive damage per second.
  • If you spawn a zombie, then attack immediately after you spawn it, it doubles as an attack and as a zombie spawn. Additionally, if you continue to spawn zombies with the right timing after the double usage, it spawns two zombies in roughly the time it takes to spawn one. This is good for making a horde, or for the strategy above.