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Skeleton King
Skeleton King
Biome: Dungeon
ATK: 2/8 ranged/melee
HP: 1000
Experience: 700
Is Ranged: Yes
Attack: Fire Balls

The Skeleton King is found in the Dungeon Biome. It can fly through walls and shoots Fire Balls which deal 8 damage.

Loot Edit

Strange Boss

A hero fighting the Skeleton King

note: unlocks the skeleton king hat.


Misc. Edit

  • There is a bug which causes the mob to flip upside down sometimes.

Strategies Edit

The skeleton king can catch players off guard very easily. Dealing 8 damage in one hit at melee makes this boss almost impossible to beat for melee play throughs. His rather fast movement speed can be a player's downfall, as a simple mistake can be detrimental to your play through. His fireballs however, deal trivial amounts of damage and a player can tank the fireballs several times before death. It is recommended to quickly clear the area of enemies before engaging with the skeleton king. Find an area with a long, flat platform to jump and/or dash across to evade it. Constantly shoot magic or arrows at it to finish it. Just remember, because of its ability to float through walls, and its AI makes it chase you until it dies or moves on to the next district, if you encounter this enemy and feel like you cannot defeat it, run to the end of the district as if the scourge have invaded.

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