Obsidian Sword
Obsidian Sword
Type: Sword
Made From: Chests
Price N/A
Obsidian Sword

HP+ 5 ATK+ 35
DEX+ 3 MAG+ 3 Durability: 100

The Obsidian Sword is a unique (cannot be crafted) weapon with the attack speed of a regular sword. You can get the Obsidian Sword as a drop from chests.

The sword gives you plus 30 ATK, plus 5 HP, plus 2 DEX, and plus 2 MAG - better stats than a diamonite sword, so if you find one definitely keep it!

Trivia Edit

You only get the HP, Dexterity and Magic boosts when you equip it and check your inventory screen.

And never, ever let go.

Good luck.