Since 1.2, 1-4 players can join onto a game and play together. The biggest difference from the original game is that you will not "Die" in a multiplayer game, but you'll be "knocked down" which lets you be revived to one life. To revive someone, simply press the "w" key on them. this will start a 3 second countdown, the problem is that you can't move while the countdown is activated, so make sure you are safe when you do it. This does, however, make games longer. In earlier versions of the game, you would have to split resources with the other players, making it harder, but in 1.2+ they changed it so that each ore vein would give you more ores (Usual amount x number of players), and there is a shared experience pool.


To connect to
How To Setup Magicite Multiplayer

How To Setup Magicite Multiplayer

another player that is hosting, simply put in their IP and connect. If it works, you will be shown a character creation screen.

If you are using the same internet, you can play in LAN.

If you are not, you will have to link your Internets with an external program, the most known being Hamachi, or to open your router to them by port-fowarding.

The basic port for the game is: 7777


You will not get experience for a monster kill when you are "knocked down"

As of 1.2.5, when one player reaches the door, all will go through the door, and if you are "knocked down" then you will be revived in the village at one life.


There is a bug that causes players connecting to get a blank screen, which causes them to infinity fall down, and not move or interact with the level, this is mainly due to other internet applications running in the background, so close down any unneeded programs!

Similarly, Arrows can "pierce" through walls a short distance. On thin walls (like the floating platforms) you can hit an enemy through the stone. If a boss or flying enemy has gone through a wall you can hit them if they are within this piercing range - the exp and loot will generally still jump around a moment and then land on the ground.

Having 2 or more players pick up an item at once will duplicate the item.

If you spam W in any exit, you can skip up to 2 districts. This can be used to pass the 21st district, which allows you to go to the Glitch Biome.

If the death count is equal to the player count, the game will end, despite any players that are still alive. For example, in two player, if one player dies and is revived, then dies again, the game will end despite the other player still being alive.

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