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Magicite is a 2D RPG game that you can play by yourself or with your friends. Venture out into randomized worlds, get loot, and craft new armor and weapons! Be careful; one foolish move could lead to your permanent end!


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Magicite Kickstarter Trailer - 2D Multiplayer RPG Platformer

Magicite Kickstarter Trailer - 2D Multiplayer RPG Platformer

Game Updates

Magicite v2.0 Hotfix

  • Fixed Multiple levels stacking on each other in Multiplayer Bug
  • Fixed Cooking Bug
  • Fixed Closing Crafting/Inventory Menu Bug
  • Fixed Madman Mode not turning off when you turn it off Bug
  • Fixed Jelly Sword Stats Bug
  • Fixed Slow Weapons collision Bug
  • Fixed Dropping Gear erase durability Bug
  • Fixed Attack Cube Hitbox in Multiplayer Bug
  • Increased Hitbox size for Slow Weapons

Magicite 2.0 (Final Update) Released!

  • Added Madman Mode (Warning: Only for strong-willed Magicite Veterans!)
  • Added 4th Age Droid [New Companion]
  • Trees/Ores/Bugspots/Itemstands/Enemies/etc. now drop items LOCALLY for every player, lessening the network load a ton and also makes sure everyone gets an equal amount of loot!
  • EXP/Gold are also dropped locally as well, making network a lot smoother.
  • You can now select your traits rather than having to pray to RNGesus.
  • Added various sound effects.
  • Added awesome new Inventory/Crafting textures.
  • Inventory can be opened with R or TAB keys.
  • You can't spam W to skip biomes wtf u cheaters.
  • Spirit Race stats have been changed from [HP+5, ATK+15] to [HP+7, ATK+3]
  • Optimized networking code a lot more.
  • Mysterious Potion now heals for 10 HP, 10 Mana, or just throws a poison vial.
  • Big Mysterious Potion now heals for 15 HP, 15 Mana, or just throws a poison vial.
  • Laser Crossbow no longer only deals 1 damage.
  • Wooden Club now gives 18 ATK.
  • Fairies now have 90 hp, 4 atk, and move faster.
  • Throwing Axe now deals half damage.
  • Flame of Hope now only gives you 1 point to a random stat upon levelling up.

Magicite 1.6 Released!

Bug Fixes

  • HUGE improvements in Multiplayer/Lag.
  • Disabled the observation of position/rotation in non-moving objects over the network.
  • Rigidbodies of Player Objects are now kinematic if not owned, preventing clients from battling for the correction position of player objects.
  • Final boss no longer just disappears upon being killed, added a proper death animation.


  • Added the Spirit Race!
  • Added optional boss Spirit Knight Axelark III
  • Added Spirit Gem
  • Added Jared's Bear Helm(Unlocked with Cheat Code)
  • Fire bow nerfed from x2 to x1.25 damage
  • Scourge Wall now shoots twice as many projectiles with varying speeds

Magicite 1.5 Released!

New Races

  • Lizardman
  • Scourgeling

New Enemy

  • Chicken King (Boss)

New Items

Magicite 1.4.5 Released!

Bug Fixes

  • Couldn't attack any enemies. "Hooray for game breaking bugs!"

Magicite 1.4.0 Released!


  • Added Altars!
  • Added God: Ryvenrath
  • Added God: Maalurk
  • Added God: Eoqueth
  • Added God: Pegelda

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed Fairy movement
  • Fixed Bat movement

Magicite 1.3.0 Released!

New Races

  • Added Qualogg
  • Added Bandicoot
  • Added Djinn

New Companions

  • Added Gooey Ghost
  • Added Flame of Hope


  • Scourge Lair is now much more difficult.
  • Increased the amount of scourge enemies.
  • Increased scourge detection range.

Magicite 1.2.5 Released!


  • The first person to enter a door in multiplayer will now trigger the level transition, instead of the entire party having to be in one door. All players who were dead are revived with 1 HP in the town but will lose all of their gold
  • Crater Biome can now be seen as early as District 15
  • Laser Crossbow now costs 5 mana per shot

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed Floaty Slime + Levitate Bug
  • Fixed Mystery Key Biscuit Icon
  • Fixed Items Bought not being counted
  • Fixed Invisible Crystalline Ore Bug in Multiplayer

Magicite 1.2.0 Released!


Bug Fixes

  • Fixed Drum Deleting Item bug
  • Fixed Broodmother pushing into walls bug
  • Fixed Arrow crafting wrong quantity bug
  • Fixed Wizard Beard not working
  • Fixed Gatherer Trait not working (It is now 50% chance to activate)
  • Fixed Spawning in Town bug
  • Fixed Defensive Trait - it is now +4HP -1ATK
  • Fixed Not Recording Boss kills

Magicite 1.1.5 Released!

Bug Fixes

  • L key is now re-bindable
  • Haste Beetle unlock requirements reduced to level 40
  • Fixed access NPC from anywhere bug
  • Wood, Planks, and Sticks only sell for 1 gold now
  • Fixed Skeleton King Hood Hat description
  • Potion Brewer now has a 50% chance to craft big potions instead of 100%
  • Fixed Haste Beetle not working upon level up


  • Added Gorgon Eye
  • Added Floaty Slime

Magicite 1.1 Released!

Implementation of Companion system.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed Race/Hat/Companion Unlock bug for 100% Unlock chances.
  • Fixed hunger loss in towns during multiplayer 
  • Fixed Arrow Duplication 
  • Fixed Swift trait not applying DEX bonus 
  • Fixed Pink Square bug with rings 
  • Fixed Infinite HP Bug 
  • Fixed Bat movements in multiplayer 
  • Fixed Negative HP Bug 
  • Fixed Invisible Viking Axe in Multiplayer 
  • Fixed Invisible Frostshard in Multiplayer 
  • Potentially Fixed Doors not working in Multiplayer(it works for me 100% of the time but I will wait and see if other people still experience it.)

Gameplay Changes

  • Multiplayer Enemies HP & ATK scaled down a bit 
  • Overworld Helm has a new effect!

NEW Companions!

  • Added Regen Fairy
  • Added Ancient Bat
  • Added Haste Bug
  • Added Gadget Guard

Magicite 1.0 Released!

The game is officially out of testing!  Sean plans to continue updating the game, and 1.1 is on it's way!

Bug Fixes

  • Throwing Axe skill properly scales with ATK
  • Knight Blade skill properly scales with ATK
  • Dragon Hat only hits for MAG rather than MAG x 2
  • Fixed Jelly Sword Bug
  • Fixed Wall Clip Bug
  • Fixed Scourge Boss Bug
  • Fixed Multiplayer Door Bug

Gameplay Changes

New Hat!

  • Added Overworld Helm Hat

New Weapons!

  • Added Emerald Katana
  • Added Emerald Combat Axe
  • Added Obsidian Sword

New Greatswords!

  • Added Zweihander
  • Added Firebrand
  • Added Icebrand
  • Added Thunderbrand

Magicite 0.9 Released!

  • Added New Biome: The Crystal Quarry
  • Added Crystal Golem
  • Added Crystal Slug
  • Added Crystal Bat
  • Added Mimic
  • Added Unique Item: Crystal Bow
  • Added Unique Item: Ryvenrath's Scale

You can now find and equip rings!

  • Added Ring of Power
  • Added Ring of Wisdom
  • Added Ring of Nature
  • Added Ring of Life
  • Added Ring of Rage
  • Added Ring of Insanity
  • Added Archer's Ring
  • Added Ring of Balance
  • Fixed Item duplication bug

Magicite 0.8 Released!

New Enemies!

  • Added Flame Skeleton
  • Added Skeleton Archer
  • Added Skeleton King Boss
  • Added Fairy
  • Added Fairy Queen Boss
  • Added Black Dragon Boss
  • Added Percyl Boss

New Hats!

  • Frost Crown
  • Viking Helm
  • Black Dragon Helm
  • Skeleton King Hood
  • Pirate Hat
  • Sean's Head

Other Stuff

  • Added Cheat Codes
  • Added Cat Form

Magicite 0.7.9 Released!

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed Multiplayer "Can't Hit Enemy" Bug
  • Fixed Multiplayer Music Bug
  • Players other than Host can now catch Fire/Thunder/Ice Bugs
  • Weird temporary Fix for Black Screen Bug:
  • Quit any programs that are utliizing internet. For example: Skype

Gameplay Changes

  • New Leatherworker NPC!!!
  • New Tailor NPC!!!
  • New Hoarder NPC!!!
  • New Enemy Ore Spider
  • Added Full Leather Armor(Rugged, Tribal, Elegant, Royal, Luminous)
  • Added Full Cloth Armor(Rugged, Tribal, Elegant, Royal, Luminous)
  • Added Monster Pelt
  • Added Refined Cloth
  • Added Monster Hide
  • Added Refined Leather
  • Added Tribal Drum (Wood Plank + Refined Leather)
  • Added ATK Drum (Tribal Drum + Fire Bug)
  • Added MAG Drum (Tribal Drum + Ice Bug)
  • Added DEX Drum(Tribal Drum + Thunder Bug)
  • Added New Magic Spell: Frostshard
  • Added Unique Weapon: The Philibuster
  • Armor now boosts HP and ATK
  • Leather Armor boosts HP and DEX
  • Cloth Armor boosts HP and MAG
  • Final Boss base HP is increased to 4500
  • Lava Bison HP increased to 150
  • Lava Biome has lots of Ores & Chests but also more enemies now
  • Goldium & Diamonite Ores more common in higher level biomes
  • Stamina is decided by player level, not DEX
  • Slowed down flying mobs a bit

Magicite 0.7.5 Released!

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed Hero's Crown
  • Fixed Wizard Beard
  • Fixed Wasp, Bat, and other flying enemy fluctuating speeds
  • Re-wrote multiplayer code, should be smoother!

Gameplay Changes

  • No Friendly Fire
  • Shared Ores, Ingredients, EXP, and Gold in Multiplayer
  • Enemy HP and ATK scales up with the amount of players connected
  • Revamped Ice Biome, new Background + Effects
  • Added Ice Knight Enemy
  • Added Ice Jellyfish Enemy
  • Added Giant Yeti Boss
  • Removed Yeti Enemy
  • Updated Shroom Enemy AI

Magicite 0.7.4 Released!

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed Input customization
  • Fixed Text bug
  • Fixed Black Screen Bug

Gameplay Changes

  • New REWARD SYSTEM upon dying or winning
  • 1,2,3,4,5 keys default to Action Bar slots
  • Z,X,C, keys default to Skills
  • Gameplay Timer added
  • Eating Cooked Food has a 50% chance to increase HP
  • Cannot eat food if hunger is at max

New Races

  • Added Noble Race
  • Added Orclops Race
  • Added Dwelf Race
  • Added Crusader Race
  • Added Remnant Race
  • Added Trogon Race
  • Added Earthkin Race
  • Added Pigfolk Race

New Hats

  • Added Gatherer Headband
  • Added Miner Cap
  • Added Berserker Scarf
  • Added Archer Hat
  • Added Magician Hat
  • Added Bunny Ears
  • Added Bat Wing
  • Added Tyrannox Hat
  • Added Wasp Goggles
  • Added Tiki Mask
  • Added Wizard Beard
  • Added Hero Crown
  • Added Shroom Hat
  • Added Spider Egg
  • Added Skeleton Mask
  • Added Dragon Mask
  • Added Scourge Mask

Magicite 0.7.3 Released!

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed Coal Bug
  • Fixed Blacksmith Item Duplication Bug
  • Fixed Incorrect Stats Bug
  • Fixed Flying Mob Speed Bug
  • Fixed Potion Lingering Bug
  • Fixed Picking up Arrows Bug
  • Fixed Skill use while dead Bug
  • Supports A LOT more Resolutions
  • Updated Controls Menu

Gameplay Changes

  • Completely Reworked Bone & Bone Tools
  • New Bone Armor!
  • Party now shares "Trees Chopped", "Ores Mined", and "Ingredients Gathered" stats in Multiplayer
  • Players will always spawn in a Forest Biome first
  • EXP Orbs don't bounce as far away
  • You cannot get duplicate Skills anymore
  • Increased Tool prices
  • Players regain 1 HP whenever their HP stat levels up
  • Boars are smarter, cleaned up their AI & Animation
  • Big HP Potions now restore 5 HP.
  • Dropped Items won't move towards you or other players
  • Scourge Wall's HP increased to 4000, +700 per extra player
  • Scourge Wall's Attack rate increased by a couple of seconds
  • Blue Worm's HP increased to 100
  • Ghoul's HP increased to 50
  • Fire Dragon's range increased
  • Fire Dragon's speed increased

Magicite 0.7.2 Released!


  • Fixed Disappearing Items bug
  • Fixed Blacksmith Trap bug
  • Fixed Item Duplication bug
  • Fixed Starting in town bug
  • Fixed Infinite Arrow bug
  • Fixed Port Bug(If you leave it blank it defaults back to 7777)
  • Fixed Chest Item Bug


  • ESC key now pauses the game in singleplayer
  • Scourge take twice as long to spawn in District 1
  • Multiplayer Friendly Fire will only deal 1 damage
  • Updated "W" icon that appears above player heads when able to interact
  • Trees and Ores only take 1 hit to gather resources
  • Decreased Spider speed
  • Decreased Tribesman speed
  • Increased Broodmother Spider's HP to 500
  • Increased Broodmother Spider's ATK to 3
  • Increase Broodmother Spider's EXP to 150
  • Decreased Enemy Spawn rate in the Swamp Biome
  • Increased Tribe Chief's EXP to 15
  • Decreased Tribe Chief's ATK to 2
  • Final Boss now Insta-kills you upon contact


  • Re-doing some Traits
  • Redesigning Character Creation
  • Implementing Units & Hats :)
  • Adding Achievements & Cards
  • More mobs!
  • Make the game HARDER
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