Jelly Blade
Jelly Blade
Type: Great Axe
Made From: Dropped by Jellyfish
Price  ?
Jelly Blade

HP+ -3 ATK+ 100
DEX+ 0 MAG+ 0 Durability: 100

Dropped by Jellyfish in the Veldt Biome. This makes it a great idea for a melee without an enchanted Zweihander to kill all jellyfish that they encounter.

It can be found in Chests in that biome as well.

The blade swings like a battleaxe and is not too rare at the start.

It is not uncommon to go through a single district and get 2-4+ blade drops.

The blade gives +100 attack and removes 3 health while equipped.

Note that the Jelly Blade will not damage you 3, it will only reduce your hp(15/21 hp will be 15/18 hp after equipping it)