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Crystal Quarry Door

Door to the Crystal Quarry Biome

Crystal Quarry Biome

The Crystal Quarry Biome is available as early as the 8th district. It is a new biome introduced as of Magicite 0.9. This biome includes a spinning crystal trap and three unique monsters.


Crystal Hero

Crystalized Hero Starts out as an invisible sparkle until approached. Attacks with 

Crystal hero twinkle

Crystallized Hero's Sparkle

ranged magic. Drops the Crystal Bow unique item.

Crystal Tree

Crystal Tree


  • This biome and its accompanying monsters, boss, and unique item were created with input from a Kickstarter backer: LotusEcho.
    Crystal Trap

    Spinning Crystal Trap

Crystal Quarry Monsters
Crystal Slug - Crystal Bat - Crystal Golem - Crystallized Hero