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There are 5 types of materials/bars/fabrics/leathers:

  • Stone (Rugged)
  • Bone (Tribal)
  • Ironite (Elegant)
  • Goldium (Royal)
  • Diamondite (Luminous)

There are 3 types of bug/gems/staves/brands:

  • Fire
  • Ice
  • Thunder



Wood + Wood Wooden Plank Wooden Blade + Axe Handle Wooden Axe
Wood.png + Wood.png Wooden Plank.png Wooden Blade.png + Axe Handle.png Wooden Axe.png
Wood + Wooden Plank Sword Hilt Wooden Blade + Pick Handle Wooden Pick
Wood.png + Wooden Plank.png Sword Hilt.png Wooden Blade.png + Pick Handle.png Wooden Pick.png
Wooden Plank + Wooden Plnak Wooden Blade Blade + Axe Handle Axe
Wooden Plank.png + Wooden Plank.png Wooden Blade.png Stone Blade.png + Axe Handle.png Stone Axe.png
Wooden Stick + Wooden Plank Sword Hilt Blade + Pick Handle Pick
Wooden Stick.png + Wooden Plank.png Sword Hilt.png Stone Blade.png + Pick Handle.png Stone Pick.png
Wooden Stick + Wooden Stick Axe Handle Wooden Stick + Net Bug Net
Wooden Stick.png + Wooden Stick.png Axe Handle.png Wooden Stick.png + Net.png Bug Net.png
Wooden Stick + Axe Handle Pick Handle
Wooden Stick.png + Axe Handle.png Pick Handle.png


Pick Handle + Wooden Stick Unstrung Bow Wooden Blade + Sword Hilt Wooden Sword
Pick Handle.png + Wooden Stick.png Unstrung Bow.png Wooden Blade.png + Sword Hilt.png Wooden Sword.png
Spider Web + Spider Web String Blade + Sword Hilt Sword
Web.png + Web.png String.png Stone Blade.png + Sword Hilt.png Stone Sword.png
String + String Net Great Blade + Axe Handle Great Axe
String.png + String.png Net.png Stone Great Blade.png + Axe Handle.png Stone Great Axe.png
Material + Material Bar String + Unstrung Bow Wooden Bow
Stone.png + Stone.png Refined stone.png String.png + Unstrung Bow.png Wooden Bow.png
Bar + Wooden Stick Arrow Stick + Gem Staff
Refined stone.png + Wooden Stick.png Stone Arrow.png Wooden Stick.png + Fire Gem.png Fireball.png
Bar + Bar Blade Zweihander + Gem Brand
Refined stone.png + Refined stone.png Stone Blade.png Zweihander.png + Fire Gem.png Firebrand.png
Blade + Blade Great Blade
Stone Blade.png + Stone Blade.png Stone Great Blade.png


Monster Pelt + Monster Pelt Refined Cloth Coal + Coal/Stone Firestarter
Monster pelt.png + Monster pelt.png Refined cloth.png Coal.png + Coal.png Firestarter.png
Bar + Refined Cloth Fabric Herb + Herb HP Potion
Refined stone.png + Refined cloth.png Rugged fabric.png Herb.png + Herb.png HP Potion.png
Monster Hide + Monster Hide Refined Leather Shroom + Shroom Mana Potion
Monster hide.png + Monster hide.png Refined leather.png Shroom.png + Shroom.png Mana Potion.png
Refined Leather + Wooden Plank Tribal Drum Herb/Shroom + Shroom/Root Mysterious Potion
Refined leather.png + Wooden Plank.png Tribal Drum.png Herb.png + Shroom.png Mysterious Potion.png
Bar + Refined Leather Leather Potion + Potion Big Potion
Refined stone.png + Refined leather.png Rugged leather.png HP Potion.png + HP Potion.png Big HP Potion.png
Bug + Bug Gem Tribal Drum + Bug Buff Drum
Fire Bug.png + Fire Bug.png Fire Gem.png Tribal Drum.png + Fire Bug.png Drum of Strength.png


Bar + Bar + Bar Helm Fabric + Fabric + Fabric Hood
Refined stone.png + Refined stone.png + Refined stone.png Stone helm.png Rugged fabric.png + Rugged fabric.png + Rugged fabric.png Rugged hood.png
Bar + Bar + Bar Armor Fabric + Fabric + Fabric Robes
Refined stone.png + Refined stone.png + Refined stone.png Stone armor.png Rugged fabric.png + Rugged fabric.png + Rugged fabric.png Rugged robes.png
Leather + Leather + Leather Cap Bar + Bar + Bar Shield
Rugged leather.png + Rugged leather.png + Rugged leather.png Rugged cap.png Refined stone.png + Refined stone.png + Refined stone.png Stone shield.png
Leather + Leather + Leather Cloak
Rugged leather.png + Rugged leather.png + Rugged leather.png Rugged cloak.png

Cheat Sheet

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