The following are the default controls for movement, item selection and inventory management, as well as crafting. These settings can be edited on the launcher screen by double-clicking one of the keys you want to change in either the primary or secondary columns. Keys in the primary and secondary columns don't have any priority over each other, so they can be used at the same time.

Launcher Controls

Control Result
Left Click Attack
Right Click Use Items
A Move Left
D Move Right
Q Dash Left
E Dash Right
W Interact
S Down
R Open Inventory
Z Use Skill 1
X Use Skill 2
C Use Skill 3
L Cheat Code
Mouse Wheel Change Active Item
1-5 Select item 1-5
Left Click Pick up / Place Items
Right Click Split Items / Place Item
Shift+Left Click Crafting
F1 - F5 (Alt + F1-F3 and F5 on some computers.) Change Window Size Resolution
F6 (Alt + F6 on some computers.) Fullscreen