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Now most of these niggas cost 15 jah coins.

Companion Name Benefits Unlock Requirements
Regen Fairy Heals 1 HP upon reaching the end of a district Reach District 15
Ancient Bat Occasionaly spits out a random item Beat the game
Haste Beetle Speed is doubled Reach Level 40 in a single playthrough
Gadget Guard Spins around the wearer and deals damage equal to half of the player's attack Beat the game under Level 40
Floaty Slime Removes all gravity Beat the game without chopping trees
Gorgon Eye Regain 1 Mana every 1.5 seconds Beat the game without interacting with NPCs
Ice Slime thing
Gooey Ghost Allows the player to jump an infinite number of times, without cost of any Stamina. Craft all three legendary swords in one game (Zweihander)
Flame of Hope
Flame of Hope When leveled up, the user gains +1extra point into a random stat. Beat the game while having Ryvenrath's Scale equiped
4th aged drone
4th Age Droid Your speed is doubled and you can fly. Beat the game in Madman mode
  • The Regen Fairy also heals you when you enter a district from a town.