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the portal that led to the cave biome


a strange spider egg

This biome is covered in small spider eggs that can be destroyed by striking them or stepping on them. Eggs do not stop projectiles and can be fired through.



  • Brood Mother
  • There are usually huge swarms of spiders and bats onscreen, it is important to be careful when spamming magic or arrows, as a misfire could destroy a line of spider eggs, possibly spawning many brood mothers at once.


  • This is a fairly easy biome by end game, and hp potions, vials of poison, and spider webs drop abundantly here. Selling large quantities of spider webs can be very efficient, as one web sells for 3-4 gold. Hp potions, of course, are stupid.
  • The cave biome is also very useful for farming experience, for prepping for the Scourge Wall or for getting the haste beetle.



Broodmother Spider

The Brood Mother  boss is summoned by destroying three spider eggs. Note: more than one can be summoned at a time. This monster creeps toward you and floats through walls. It is advised to stop breaking spider eggs after the first Brood Mother  has spawned, however it is possible to farm the boss many time per district.

  • Broodmother Spider
  • Spider Egg

Cave Monsters
Bat - Purple Spider - Mimic - Broodmother Spider