Each altar is found upon most towns. Each altar has it's own god, each with different ups and downs. A hidden update caused the shrines to be a one-use buff, to prevent players from getting too powerful.

Gods and their Pros / ConsEdit


Ryvenrath is red dragon that once roamed the Overworld. Followers of this aggressive god tend to believe physical power is the best quality anyone could have. His buff increases ATK by 5.


Maalurk is a ferocious beast that feeds on the souls of the Undead. Followers of Maalurk usually have evil intentions while using either Dark Magic or practice forbidden Shadow Techniques.


Eoqueth is a goddess that seeks peace in every situation. She is the embodiment of purity and beauty which some believe is all around them within nature. She fully heals you.  


Pegelda, with a pegasus, was once a royal knight of the Forgotten Kingdom. Enemies cowered in her shadow as she gracefully flew over battles and launched lightning-infused javelins. Followers believe the best quality of an individual is a strong sense justice and optimism.

All Gods can always use +2 all stats or -2 all stats, decrease the player's max HP by 1 (this does not remove any of the player's current HP, unless the player's HP is at full capacity), or simply do nothing.

Ryvenrath (RED) +5 ATK, chance of getting Ryvenrath's scale.

Maalrk (PURPLE) +2 ALL

Pegelda (YELLOW) +5 DEX

Eoqueth (GREEN) Heal All HP


  • Ryvenrath shrine did NOT come before Ryvenrath's Scale
  • Information on the gods were found on the kickstarter page.
  • Altars were added in during 1.4.0, but people could only use it on 1.4.5 due to a glitch that disabled players from damaging monsters without special equipment.
  • According to the kickstarter page, you will be able to select a god to get either positive buffs or negative buffs; however, it will most likely be randomized.
  • When it first came out, the buffs could be spammed to an insane amount which caused a mass of unbalanced stats. This was quickly changed in a hidden update.