Bug Fixes
Fixed Multiplayer "Can't Hit Enemy" Bug
Fixed Multiplayer Music Bug
Players other than Host can now catch Fire/Thunder/Ice Bugs
Weird temporary Fix for Black Screen Bug:
Quit any programs that are utliizing internet. For example: Skype

Gameplay Changes
New Leatherworker NPC!!!
New Tailor NPC!!!
New Hoarder NPC!!!
New Enemy Ore Spider
Added Full Leather Armor(Rugged, Tribal, Elegant, Royal, Luminous)
Added Full Cloth Armor(Rugged, Tribal, Elegant, Royal, Luminous)
Added Monster Pelt
Added Refined Cloth
Added Monster Hide
Added Refined Leather
Added Tribal Drum (Wood Plank + Refined Leather)
Added ATK Drum (Tribal Drum + Fire Bug)
Added MAG Drum (Tribal Drum + Ice Bug)
Added DEX Drum(Tribal Drum + Thunder Bug)
Added New Magic Spell: Frostshard
Added Unique Weapon: The Philibuster
Armor now boosts HP and ATK
Leather Armor boosts HP and DEX
Cloth Armor boosts HP and MAG
Final Boss base HP is increased to 4500
Lava Bison HP increased to 150
Lava Biome has lots of Ores & Chests but also more enemies now
Goldium & Diamonite Ores more common in higher level biomes
Stamina is decided by player level, not DEX
Slowed down flying mobs a bit